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What is IPO?


IPO (INITIAL PUBLIC OFFERING) refers to companies when they issue shares in the capital market in the aim of raising funds. These companies normally appoint the financial institutions to deal with listing affairs, including printing prospectus, pricing, underwriting and etc. The market in which a public offering of shares subscribed by investor is often referred to as the "Primary Market". In the primary market, companies can raise funds for further business development. When the subscribers are allotted with IPO shares, they become one of the shareholders of the companies. The subscribers can trade in the Hong Kong Exchange and Clearing Limited, or so-called the “Secondary Market”.


What is IPO Financing?


The chance of shares allotment is often affected by the market feedback. Large subscription volume will increase the allotment opportunities. Through IPO service, you can subscribe more IPO shares using the capital in hand. If oversubscription happens, you just need to pay for the balanced amount of the borrowing only. All our clients have the privilege to enjoy our IPO financing service. The margin ratio of subscription for IPO listing on the main board can be as high as 90%, which means our customers would only need to pay 10% of the subscription fee in cash. For gem board stocks, the maximum margin ratio can reach 50%. ATTENTION: The borrowing of the Margin Account in our company never involves the credit service companies, and the interest rate is not influenced by Hong Kong Interbank Offered Rate (HIBOR).


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